Sunday, March 30, 2008


I went to Ka Ira's garage sale on Saturday morning. Man it was a huge garage sale :P
Ka Ira had these all pretty things for sale and being a very very generous person, she gave me some of her things for free :)

She gave me this golden classic mirror, which i adore so much. First when she gave me this, i didn't have a clue where to put, since my house is dominated by modern and brown furniture. After i got home, i tried finding a perfect spot for this beautiful mirror, and this is the result:

And this is in our bedroom.
With my kebaya pre-wedding photo, rattan storage and bronze table runner, the mirror sits perfectly.
From then on, we call it our 'Javanesse corner' :P.

GREEN FLORAL POUCH (Reserved by Liza W)

Another one from my sewing machine, this time with better stitches :P


Hey bloggers,

I would like to introduce my husband's photography business here :).

If you have been checking out my blogs, all the pictures are taken by him.
Well it's just started and this has been fun for us, taking beautiful and unforgettable moments.

He does pre-wedding, couple photos, wedding, engagement, baby, family, product etc. So if any of you ever need photography services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are building the portfolio now, so you might get free photo session :). Be quick!

Here is the link:

Indra & Fang

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Monday, March 24, 2008


Just something coming out from our dining room:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After i got my sewing machine, i just couldn't resist trying and making something.
So after work, without dinner and shower, i learned how to set up the upper and lower thread in the machine.

And after spending 6 hours in front of me new sewing machine, i came up with this: 'A handy pouch'. Well, the idea is a pouch to store your mobile phone, lipstick, eye liner, keys, etc. But it needs some more work. I need thicker fabric so it's not wobbly and of course better stitches!!! Sewing is not as easy as i thought.

In case anyone like it, do tell me, i ll make one for you (of course when my sewing skill is getting better) :P.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My birthday still a month away, but i already got my present now :)
Few weeks ago, being "orang yg selalu pengen tau", i forced Indra to talk what he's planning to get for my bday. After interviews, investigations and torture, finally he talked :P.
He said he is going to buy me a purse. A nice and branded one.

I wasn't surprised or excited, because my purse is still in a good condition and i dont really need that now. So i asked him to get me sewing machine instead of the branded purse.

Since we lived together, i found myself letting out my creativity more than i used to do. Maybe because Indra often asked about design opinion from me and me helping his photography business, browsing other photographer, compare and critics. Somehow those creativity grows inside of me.

I know i always been a crafty girl, i like creating something, even when i can get it from shop, i'd still trying to make my own. My mom noticed what i have, but my dad chose to ignore it and telling me i can't do it. So after that i gave up my creativity, told myself that i dont have 'it'. But Indra noticed that when we first work together during the Christmas Drama, he knew that i have the creativity but too afraid to express them, along the way he always supported me to do things that i like and to express them.

It started with beads. I learned how to make jewellery from beads and he supported me. He would go with me to sunday market just for beads hunting, spend the day in Spotlight buying the beads, pay for the beads (of course!) :P. I sold some of my jewellery in Ebay. But eventhough i like making jewellery, im still searching and learning other things like interior design and sewing. That's why i asked for sewing machine instead of branded purse :P

Well, let's see what can i create from this machine :P
Thanks Ndra!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Why do men occasionaly confused of how to make their women happy?

We as women, dont need extravagant gift or present to be happy
We as women, dont need lavish attention to be happy
We as women, dont need perfect surprises to be happy
We as women, dont need a big *Bling2* to be happy (i dont mind though :P)

Just a simple love gesture would means a world to her.

My partner always thought that he needs to give a perfect gift, perfect surprises, perfect attention and he would wait for the perfect moment. But in the end, the perfect moment never come in this imperfect world.

Ndra, it doesnt need that much effort to make me smile, does it? thanks for the e-flower (Thank GOD i dont need to water it :P)

" Hi Honey,
When I decided to marry you, what i have in mind is to make you happy every single day.
I love you very much, and i won't stop to try to make you smile