Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oliver is 5 months old on 20 Jan! Time flies hey, it seems only yesterday he was born, now he can roll over and eats solid :)

I've been tremendously blessed with Oliver, he is a very good boy *sounds bias i know*
My mom said that im lucky that Oli has Indra's personality, very easy going and kind. Unlike me, i was very difficult when i was a baby, mom said that she had to carry and rock me for hours, she couldnt even sit for a while.

When Oliver was 3.5 months, he started to sleep longer during the night. He slept for 5-6 hours straight and only woke up once or twice.
We tried our best not to carry or rock him to sleep, unless he was cranky. We always put him on his cot, wrapped, 2 bolsters on his side and a dummy, and he would fall asleep by himself.
The last few days, he's been sleeping for 9 hours straight! He woke up in the morning around 6 for a feed and fell back to sleep until 9am *heaven*
Few people told us that we are lucky to have him :)

Anyway, let's stop boasting about Olie, i'm sure every parents feel the same way about their babies :). Here is Olie at 5 months:

Monday, January 17, 2011


My good friend delivered her baby girl on boxing day, she is a miracle baby! my friend and i have gone through similar situation in our lives and im truly happy for her that she finally got to hold baby Chloe in her arms :)

Before Chloe was born, i always wanted to make a baby quilt for her, just like the one i made for Olie. But after Olie was born, i didnt have time to do my routines let alone making blanket. But Chloe is so special, i forced myself to start the quilt. It took 2-3 weeks for the fabric to arrived and i booked one day to finish the quilt. I begged Indra to look after Oli that day :)
I always had yellow and purple in my mind, but i couldnt find the purple so i ended up making yellow-pink combination quilt.

Here you go:


Motherhood is surely not easy, but it's been so rewarding when your baby smiles at you.
Last time i posted an entry was almost 5 months ago and after that, my life is full with Oliver :)
Anyway, i promised myself last time to take Oliver's monthly photo, so far i did it well, i just dont have the time to upload them.
So here they are, month 2 to 4:

And yes, he looks more like me every day :)