Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What a good date huh?

God gave us new project and challenge on that day. After a painful and long process we finally settled the coffee shop. I dont believe in lucky number or in this case date, but it feels good to settle on that unique date. Make it more special :)

We never run a hospitality business before, we need to learn a LOT of new things. We took coffee making course before but it's a very different situation when you are serving 10 people at one time. We are excited but a little bit scared i guess.

This morning we went to the shop for the first time at 5.30am! we didnt do anything apart from checking the stock and the ex owner showing us around where they keep the stuff. We met the staff as well, they are nice guys, im really looking forward to work with them :)

The very basic and important thing that we need to learn is probably how to be a people person. We noticed that the staff talk a lot with the customers, they know them by name, they know exactly what they want to order. It is very challenging for me, as i've been working in the office behind the desk, i do more typing than talking to people. But im glad that we actually jumped into this industry, we all learn new things and i can improve my interpersonal skill as well :)

Oh, and another important thing to learn is HOW TO WAKE UP EARLY, or should i say HOW TO SLEEP EARLY. Last night i tried to sleep around 9.30, man it was hard. My brain was still thinking this and that, i just couldnt sleep. It took me probably 30-45 mins to sleep. But hopefully with this new routine, i will have a better daily schedule. I must admit that i never have enough sleep during weekdays, for some reason, i cant sleep before 11pm at night. So my sleeping time is only 5-6 hours every night.

We can't thank God enough for this opportunity. Everything is good in His time :)
Indra's photo business is starting to get more and more clients, and i do enjoy following him for the photo shoot, i think it's really fun!

I will post more updates on the shop soon, hopefully with some pictures :)