Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Few teasers from the last photo session :

We had a lot of great shots and we just cant wait to share them with you :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


2 days ago we went to Lancelin for Bobby & Vonny's photo session.
We've never done a photo session in Lancelin before, we were so excited because Lancelin has this awesome sand dunes and beach. The forecast was clearing shower for Lancelin, but we still going in a good spirit :). Lancelin is located north of Perth, so usually the temperature is a little bit hotter than Perth, but not that day. It was windy and freezing, especially on top of high sand dune.

This couple is the most positive people I've known. Usually I'm the one whose so worried with the weather. During few photo sessions, even with bad weather forecast, they always have good spirit on them. They are so relaxed and fun. It makes everything easier :)

I couldn't upload the preview here because they want to make it exclusive, which i agreed. So, instead i will upload our own photos in Lancelin. Oh btw, Meli did the make up and she's good at it. So next time, if anyone needs make up for photo session, i will bring her with me :P

If you see on the first photo, Indra actually sat on the edge of the sand dune, and it's around 3 storeys high i think. The black dots below Indra are actually bushes and trees, so yeah it was pretty high :). The view from the top was gorgeous!!

Nothing made me happier than looking at Indra passionately doing his job, he is doing a lot of work right now. After he comes home from his full time job, he would do the photo editing until late at night. It's true that good results come out from true passion.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm writing this because i have nothing to do at the office :P
I hope my boss and colleagues don't read my blog hehe, it'll be short one, i promise..

I remember few months ago, when we went through a terrible ordeal, it was very painful and horrible. We had to make a very very tough and heart breaking decision, and there was no option for us, not even a slim chance. Our decision might not be the best or the most correct one if you look at the bible and i believe some people were questioning our faith in God too. We had a lot of pros and cons in our circle of friends. We were fully aware of this, but the situation was not as easy as everyone thought. If only there was a slim, a very slim chance, i think i would choose a different decision, but that's not what happened.

It was hard enough for us to know that our decision wasn't the most correct one. All we needed at that time was support, compassion, empathy, and understanding from our surrounding. Looking back on how our friends gave us all that, we realised that sometimes the most important thing is not about right or wrong, but just being there for them and give them love and support as much as they need it. To be honest, some people did try to force the most idealistic and the most correct theories to us. Saying that we shouldn't do this and that without considering our feeling and situation. I didn't hate them, i knew that every one of us has different opinion and believe. We took all suggestions as an input, we appreciated them and thank them. But deep down in our hearts, we felt sad for them. We felt sad because they uphold their believe and theories so high that they forgot about love and compassion, which i think is the very essence of Christianity.

From this experience, we learnt to have more love and compassion toward others. We learn not to judge others decision easily. We may know what's the right and wrong thing to do, but we must remember that we are NOT in their shoes. No matter how hard you try to imagine the situation on yourself, it will not be the same. You will not experience the sadness and the loss, you will not feel the big hole in your heart, you will not feel the pain every time you see babies around you. I promised myself that i wont let others think that Christians are a bunch of hypocrite people who can only talk and cite bible verses without knowing how to give love and compassion. Would you rather be known as a walking bible Christian or just a simple Christian with love, compassion and understanding? which one do you think people will be likely to open their hearts to?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


2 nights ago, Indra, Rey and me watched 'Angels and Demons' in the cinema. To be honest i have read the book long long time ago, probably 3-4 yrs ago, and i totally forgot what it was about. So i was so excited to watch the movie, plus most of the people give good review on this. I watched DaVinci Code as well, and it was boring i almost fell asleep.

So we went into the cinema armed with extra large popcorn and water. Me and Indra never been able to finish the large popcorn by ourselves, so i thought there is no way we could finish this one, it would end up in rubbish bin. But guess what, we finished it!

The story mainly filmed in Rome and Italy. When i went to Europe with Indra, it was the first time i knew that Rome is a separate country in the middle of Italy, interesting. Watching this movie reminds us a lot about Rome and Italy, and believe me it's so beautiful there :). The movie took us inside St.Peter Basilica, the biggest and the most beautiful church in the world. When we were there, we simply stunned by the arts and the architectural of the building. It was built hundreds years ago, when there was no tools or machinery to cut the stone, yet they produced the best result. If you look at the ceiling of St.Peter's dome. It is full of tiny ornaments and sculptures, there is no empty space without painting or sculptures.
Here some photos from inside the Basilica.

In the other part of the building, you can see literally hundreds and hundreds of marble statues, tapestry, and paintings. Along the aisle where they hang the tapestry, the ceiling is covered by paintings with golden ornaments around the them.

Then we went to the famous Sistine Chapel. In the movies, all the cardinals are locked in this chapel where they vote for the new pope. It will not be opened until they elect the pope. We were amazed by the Basilica, but we were in awe when we entered the Sistine Chapel, it's not a very big building compare to the others, but you can see paintings everywhere, literally! This chapel is very famous of the paintings done by Michelangelo. Remember, he didn't design the painting or measure the scale first. So many people were on the building at that time, but we only allowed to enjoy the painting without talking, security are everywhere, in every corner of the building. We couldn't take picture or record it as well, but it was very crowded, that some people actually recorded the painting by holding their video camera very low, so i did the same :P. The paintings in the ceiling looks very real, it looks like 3D. Here the photos of Sistine Chapel that i got from Google :p

We went to other parts of Italy as well such as Florence and Venice, but because of the tour schedule, we couldn't really explore the city. Maybe someday, we will go there all by ourselves and visit places that we didn't cover last time. I think Italy is a very beautiful country, classic buildings, arts and nice foods :P. This country is one that you have to visit if you have a chance, well worth it!