Thursday, September 30, 2010


In our family, we have a tradition of shaving baby's hair when they are 30 days old. Back in Indonesia, the family usually sends out red dyed eggs to relatives and friends, but over here in Australia, i cant afford sending out 30 eggs to each person! so, i ordered cupcakes instead :)

Ollie has been good so far, he drinks a lot and i think he gained quite a lot too. He also managed to sleep longer at night, not every night yet, but hopefully it will very soon :P. My mom is here until the end of October so i got a lot of help in term of washing, cooking, cleaning even carrying Ollie. It's normal for my mom to be so excited over Ollie as he is her first grandchild, she would carry Ollie all the time, pick him up over small things, and now i have to rock him to sleep. Im trying to tell her not to rock him too much, but i guess she just loves him too much :D

Anyway, here is Ollie's 1 month photo, i will try my best to take his monthly photo.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday was father's day in Australia. It was really special for Indra as it was his first ever father's day :)
We went to church yesterday and Indra came up to the front when they prayed for all the dads, it was so special.

I remember the day before but i just didnt have time to prepare anything for Indra. The only thing i said was 'thank you'.
I cant thank him enough for all his love, he always support me in whatever i do and encourage me to try and do the things i passionate about. We've been through a lot for the past 8 years, but nothing compare to the last 2 weeks with baby Olie around.
I never knew that taking care a baby would be this joyful and tough at the same time. The change is HUGE, sometimes i got overwhelmed.

I couldnt asked for a better life companion than Indra. He is willing to wake up to change the nappy and warm the milk for Olie every night. When i got so sleepy and tired, he would do everything and let me sleep, eventhough he needs to wake up in the morning to go to work.
He's been juggling a lot of work lately, besides his full time job, he helps me with the shop and on the weekend, he does his photography job for the whole day and he would still be willing to help me with Olie at night. Sometimes i feel sad looking at him tired and sleepy in the morning, i would call him to make sure that he arrives safely. I don't know where he got that much energy to do all these things, but im sure God has been giving him extra strength.

I read in the daily devotional this morning, a question "Have you ever found yourself receiving such exceeding favor that you wonder why?". For me, having Indra as my husband and the father of my son is God's exceeding favor upon my life, God is lavishing His grace on me.

I cant thank Him enough for giving me such a wonderful husband and life companion.

'Happy Father's day honey..."