Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Final Fitting...

We went back to indo for a week...and it was a very exhausting week.
But we were so happy as everything turned out as we expected.

The first day we arrived in Jkt, we went to the photographer's place to see the results and choose the photos...now this is the tricky part...they showed us around 100 different photos which were really good, we really happy with them, he said we have to narrow them down...but he didnt say that we have to choose only 20 photos...only 20!!!! *nangis darah dhe milihnya*.
We spent hours and hours and we ended up paying more to save some of the photos that we were not willing to let go..hahaha...

On that very night, we went to Pwt by car, took around 8 hours...arrived in Pwt at 6 in the morning!
Woke up at 9am, and we went to see the invitation...we spent almost 3 hours to fix this and that...
After that we had lunch like crazy *sambel terasi, oseng kangkung, tahu goreng, tempe goreng, dst dst...slurpp*

The following day, we chose our wedding rings, since my mom knows the owner quite well, we got the good quality bling2 with good price as well. We chose simple princess cut bling2 with white gold band.

On Tuesday, we had a really full-on day. Early morning around 5am, we drove to Semarang to get my wedding dress. Arrived around 11, did the final fitting and waited for 3 hours before it's ready. The dress is beautiful, comfy and just....great!!!
While we were waiting, i decided to buy Anne Avantie's book at her butique, i got her authographs as well as Intan's. I must say the book is very inspiring and up lifting...spiritually!!
In the afternoon, we took train to Jkt and arrived around 10pm at night. So, on that day, we were in Pwt in the morning, Semarang in the afternoon, and Jkt at night....*what a day*

In Jakarta, my main goal was to find myself a dress for the reception...i spent the whole day finding it. I believe God has prepared this particular dress for me. I tried so many different dresses, they're either too small or too expensive, and i just knew that every shop has only 1 size for 1 dress. Then i found this shop, we were about leaving this shop because we found nothing, but suddenly i saw this dress in the corner and it's gorgeous, and guess what...there is only 1 size and it fitted me very very well... :)

Now we are back here in Perth, feeling grateful for every little things that God has provided for us....
Here are some of the photos of kebaya and batik prada for my 2 bridesmaids...enjoy girls..hope you guys like them.