Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chapel Farm Getaways

Last Friday, my office had a Christmas Function. We finished working at around 3pm, and we headed to Supa Golf for 9 holes games. It was fun and embarrasing, because we had 2 teams, me and indra were in the same team with Sean and Sarah, and they are good in golf, real golf!. I played Supa Golf before but it was with friends and we were joking around, no one knew how to play golf. This time i got really nervous.

Me and Indra missed the ball couple of times, hahhaha..the ball was twice the size of normal golf ball and we still missed it :P. It wasn't as easy as i thought before, you really have to concentrate and maintain the right position of your body when you hit the ball. We just laughed at ourselves because everyone was laughing at us ahhhaha :P.

After 2 hours of stupid golfing, we drove to the Chapel Farm. It has 8 rooms with different theme. They have Oriental, The Australian, Black & White, African, Bali, etc. I think it's a really creative idea. Before, we have decided that the winner of the Supa Golf will be able to choose the room first. Sean & Sarah chose the African, Simon & Rayma got the Bali, Jim & Belinda got the Oriental and we had the Australian. I've seen the photos before from the website, and i wanted the oriental so much :P. I didn't like the Australian.

But when we checked each other's room, i think our bed was the best, it was sooo nice and comfortable. Every room has small lounge or living area, with different couch and furniture depends on the theme, LCD TV, DVD and behind the divider wall was the bedroom area with queen bed, floral pattern bed cover and 10 pillows!!! soo niceee....and there was a mini bar with fridge, tea, coffee, and snacks. The bathroom was at the right side of the bed, it was huge, clean, and modern.

Here some of the photos:
That night, we had dinner at Chester, one of the award winner for best dining place. It was great, i had king prawn for entree and Barramundi for main. I even cancelled the dessert since i was too full.

In the morning, the owner of the Chapel Farm prepared breakfast for us, because there are only 8 rooms, he actually does everything by himself. He greets the guests, does the check-in, showing us the rooms and cook for our breakfast. Highly recommended by us for weekend getaways!!!