Thursday, April 26, 2007

Going Back....and worried...

We're going back to Indonesia on 2 June to have the final fitting for the dress, finalise invitation, wedding rings, and suit for the groom. The dress will be finalised on that day and i will bring it back to Perth. I asked her to finish my dress about 90%, so i can make any changes if i want to, but still im worried that it would turn out different from what i expected..*sigh*.

I still dont have the dress for the reception yet, and i only have like 3 days in Jkt...and i still dont know what i want :(
The rings, i have no idea about the rings.

But besides all those things, im worried the most about our financial situation now. We have a lot of expenses lately and i just have no idea how i can save more. The tax is unbelievably high, i cant believe i've worked so hard just to pay the's just unfair.

And thanks to Garuda for their unreliable flight, we had to book SQ instead with $400 more money on the ticket...hiks..hiks..:(