Tuesday, June 29, 2010


God reminds us of His grace and goodness in many different forms, it could be through something big or something simple, like caramel pudding :)

My life for the past 1 year has been up and down, like riding a roller coaster. Managing a shop is surely not easy, having a difficult staff, doing account and being pregnant at the same time is tough. On one side, i want to be happy and be able to enjoy the pregnancy but i couldn't because all i do is worry. Everyday feels like a battle, new problem every day.

We try to surrender everything unto God's hand and do what we can but often all the problems are covering our eyes to see what He has done for us.

This afternoon, i bought 2 packets of caramel pudding from Woolies. I finished 1 right after paying at the checkout :P and i decided to keep the other one for Indra. After we had dinner, i said to Indra that i bought him caramel pudding and we ate it together.

While we were eating the pudding, i remember that 8 years ago when we first got together. I was still in Uni and Indra was unemployed. He lived in a small old house, and we didn't have much cash back then. I remember sometimes we walked across the road to the supermarket just to buy broccoli and spam to cook at home, and when we had extra cash Indra would buy 2 packets of caramel pudding for us for dessert. It tasted so nice but it was only a dessert size so i would eat it slowly, knowing that we couldn't afford to buy it every time.

I told Indra how this caramel pudding reminds me of us 8 years ago. While scooping the pudding for me, i could see Indra starring at the pudding for few seconds then he hugged and kissed me saying "Thank you honey for standing by my side this past 8 years". I had a bit of tears in my eyes realising how God has blessed us so much, how He brought us from having caramel pudding as a luxury to having it everyday easily.

We still have our worries and fears, especially with only 52 days left till the baby comes. But you know what, we are sure that God is still in control and He is taking us to the next level just like with our caramel pudding :)