Friday, October 26, 2007

The Knot is Tied!!!!


It has been a long journey for us, well 5 years actually, but for us it felt like forever. Combining 2 different person with opposite background, family, vision, goal, habbits is not easy, that's why we call it long journey.

I dont even know how to summarize what's been happening this past week. For start, my internet was down from few days before the wedding, and i had taken my leave so i was practically out of touch with internet!!! there were so many thing i wanted to write in this blog before the D Day. I will try my best to re-cap the moments.

Tuesday, 16th October 07

I was in the office, couldn't concentrate at all. I kept ignoring my works and doing my wedding preparation instead. I felt really nervous, scared that i couldn't finished everything on time. As soon as the clock hit 3.30pm, i asked my boss to leave early, being a very very good boss, he actually gave me permission eventhough we had board meeting that day. I went home straight and started doing all the bits and pieces again.

I bought my wedding shoes in Indonesia (Mangga Dua), because it's cheap and they have various style. I didn't want to spend too much money on shoes, as long as they are comfortable and not too high, im fine with it. I bought 2 pairs, one for the ceremony which was white and another one for the reception, which was bronze colour.

I realized that the bronze shoes are very very simple and plain. I wanted to buy a new one in here, but i didn't have time to shop around so i had a crazy idea. I decided to put beads on the shoes with needle and string, and this is the before and after photos of the shoes.

I might get prettier shoes if i decided to buy a new one, but the satisfaction of creating my own wedding shoes is priceless.
I remember making the shoes until 4am in the morning, but it was worth it!

Wednesday, 17th October 07
On wednesday, we had our prewedding photo session again with our photographer (Rey from Antheia), he came on Sunday and stayed with us for a week. Early morning me, indra, tasia, rey and seng2 went to Swan Valley for photo session but we ended up in Chocolate Factory instead hahaha...

We were planning to go to the beach in the afternoon, but due to the strong wind and rain, we cancelled the photo session and went to Cicerellos, and had massive lunch, 2 seafood baskets, 1 fish and chips and calamari basket. We just sat there shivering while digging on the food.

Thanks to Tasia for my hairdo :)

Thursday, 18th October 07

We had another photo session, this time we went to Fremantle and City.

We found a very unique second hand book shop in Fremantle, it's very very classic and warm, we asked the owner's permission to take photo inside his shop.

In the afternoon, we had short photo session in Perth City and Tasia picked up the suits for Rey and Eel.

At 4pm, we gathered at Wesley Church for a rehearsal.
I actually walked from city to the church by myself because Indra needed to get something from his car, so we decided to meet at the church. On the way there, i had this uneasy feeling, i felt like calling off the wedding, my step was so heavy. I wanted to run away from the rehearsal and not meeting anyone. The closer i got to the church, i felt my throat was choked. I said to myself "No, this is not's only a dream".

But I managed to drag myself to the church and my parents were already there. Soon after that, my friends and pastors came. I got even more nervous. I remember, before we started, i sat next to Ka Ira and she held my hands, she was surprised that my hands were as cold as ice. I honestly said to her that i was afraid. She calmed me down, saying that me and Indra have a solid ground to build a family so there is nothing to be afraid of. I was gratefull that the rehearsal actually went well *Pheeww*

At night, Tasia created a more details timeline for the committees, she did that until 3am in the morning. She made 16 PAGES OF TIMELINE!!! but man, the timeline was perfect!!! very details and covers everything. Can't thank you enough Tas :). We should do this wedding organizer thingy very soon!!

Alrite, enough for now, i will post the -1 and D Day later.
Need to gather some pictures first.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Surprise Wedding Present..

Last Friday was awesome, some of our friends came to our house to celebrate Meli and Indra's Birthday. I ordered a special birthday cake from Tania (she is good!!) for them. She actually made 2 separate cakes, one was white piano shape cake for Meli and the other was black camera shape cake for Indra.

We basically just ate the cake and took photos and all the girls were helping me with the preparation. On Saturday, me and few others went to OSB to finalise the menu and things. It was ok except for the music, they dont allow us to use drum, how can you get a jazzy night without drum?? hope Meli can sort this out soon. In the afternoon we went to the Royal Show, it was fun!!! we didn't take many rides but we spent money on foods!!!! hahah typical!!

But in the end, all of us (well, except Lia, Indra and Meli!!!), we rode The Ranger. During the ride, i had to hold my glasses so it wont drop, it was pretty scary. When we finished, we all had headache, not sure because of the ride or because we haven't had dinner yet hahaha.

We went to Singapore after that and had a massive dinner party!!!

On Sunday, i had a BIG surprise from my friends!!! They booked a 2 nights Honeymoon Suite in Burswood Hotel plus Spa and buffet brekky and dinner, and errr...a toybox!!!! WOWW!!!! This means soooo muchhh for us guys!!! this is the only thing that i haven't organised. We love you guyssss.....kiss kiss for Tasia, Ferry, Wayne, Chris, Liza, San2, Sandra, Edwin, Ary, Eel, Defy, Rey, Medy, Lidya, Adel, Ivan and Raymond

We are trully blessed to have friends like you guys, BIG THANKS for all your helps and support.

On Sunday night, they had a crazy poker night and BIG KFC dinner. You are welcome anytime guys, we can use the house as a base camp and err...a casino..hahaha..

Can't believe it's next saturday, everytime i look at the calender, my legs are shaking hahaha..

Thursday, October 4, 2007

5th October 07

Friday, 5th October 07.

Today is Indra and Meli's birthdays. This is Meli's sweet 17th birthday and Indra's 31st.

"Happy Birthday!!! I pray that God bless you both abundantly, bless you in your study, work, ministry, business, everything... I pray that Meli will be a famous musician one day, and use her skill and talent to bless others. I pray that Indra will be a good husband for me :P. Pray that Indra will be a famous fotographer one day, and we will have our own photography business ^_^, I love you both!!!".

I hope that Meli will be able to get PR here, so she can audition for Aussie Idol :P. I dont know how we gonna do it, but if this is God's plan, He will make a way.

Im so proud of Indra lately, he bought a new camera few weeks ago with big lens and all (cost more than my ring!!), but i fully supported him because i know that he has a big talent on that.

He learned to use the camera for couple of days before shooting at Ariel's wedding. And wow, i love the photos, look really good. I hope that you can be a real good photographer one day :)

This is also Indra's last birthday before the wedding, next year everything will be different. He is going to have a wife to celebrate the birthday with. It's exciting!!!.

Now, there is only 15 days left to the wedding (2 weeks!!!) and im getting really2 nervous!!!

Hope everything will go smoothly on the day.

To all of my friends, please pray for us so that we will go through the DAY with joy and happiness :)