Sunday, July 25, 2010


We've been working on the nursery room for couple of months now. Our house is quite small, with only 3 small bedrooms and 2 bathroom. We had to evacuate Indra's office to the lounge room and use his office for the nursery room instead.
Indra's office is the smallest room and it was very messy, paper and books were everywhere, no one dared to enter that room :P.

It's only less than 4 weeks till the baby arrives, but we have not finished the room yet. It took us months to clean and clear the room. When we finally finished cleaning the room, we had trouble deciding which colour scheme should we use. I wanted olive green initially but somehow we ended up with neutral colour...again!! :)

But i couldn't be happier with the result!! Indra had an idea to paint the vertical stripes on 2 sides of the wall. They make the room looks higher and modern, and they match with the curtain as well :). Now all we need to do is to attach the wall shelf above that chest drawer, we also bought a wall decal for the other wall and we still waiting for it to come. I really hope everything will be finished on time :D

Here is sneak peak to the nursery room:

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Just wanting to post the picture of the baby quilt. This is my first attempt in making quilt.
It took me months since i had a lot of things to do. Our baby is due in a month time, and i finished this quilt just in time to welcome his arrival :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, it's 37 days until we can hold our baby exciting yet scary.
Time really flies, it seems only yesterday that i found out that i was i am counting the days... :)

Exciting? yes! Scary? definitely!
I never held a newborn before. I am not that good with children, in fact they always cry when i'm around.

We are in the middle of preparing the nursery room, i know it's bit late, we should've done it few months ago, but we had no time. We have moved all Indra's stuff outside and vacuum clean the room, we have painted the wall as well, but we still need to do another layer of paint and with the current wet weather, it takes time.

Oh, and we have bought the pram! This pram is our first choice but because it's the latest model, the price is quite expensive. We were contemplating to get the previous model, since the price difference is $200. Then we came across an online baby shop that sell this pram $200 cheaper, so the price was the same as the old model. The sale only lasted for 2 days so we bought it straight away. We bought the other furniture like cot, bassinet, high chair, changing table from a friend whose moving interstate, we got a great deal too. God is good :)

Indra has been very busy the past few weeks, that's why we kept putting off our nursery room project. Our church is going to have mission trip to Thailand and they are raising fund from people. Indra is participating in this fundraising project as well. Anyone interested in having family photo session, Indra will do 1 photo session for each family and all the proceed goes to the mission trip. Client will get probably around 10 photos with 1 canvas. If you are interested, please visit Photo4Life and make a booking. You will have your family moment captured for a good cause :)

I've been having bad back pain, most probably from the growing tummy. I rarely had good sleep :(
I think i'm going home early today and catching up on my sleep.

Have a great one and stay blessed :)