Monday, July 30, 2007

Kebaya Sketches

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cloudy Saturday ...

Another cloudy and cold weekend, but still i love it.

'Rainy, cold, warm fleece blanket, thick bedcover, dim light, michael bubble, muscat white wine, nice book to read....' can't get this in Indo hehehe..

Last nite i set my alarm at 8.30am, but then i woke up at 10.30!!!...o well, felt a little guilty but i wake up very early everyday since my job start at 8 in the morning. So Saturday is my time to wake up late...wohooo...:P

We went to city in the afternoon to get the suits for the groomsmen. I didn't know that suit rental here, they mostly dont have many colours for the suit, they usually only have black, white, or the cheesy ones (pink , green, yellow, blue). But anyway, we found the closest colour to match Indra's suit, it's not perfectly match, but it's ok.

After that, i kept wondering how i have changed for the past 5 yrs. I remember, i used to be very2 fussy and perfectionist, my parents know this as well as my friends. If something doesnt match perfectly with what i want, i dont mind to keep looking and waste my time. But then, i guess being independent changed the way you live your life, changed how you set your priority, and changed you to become a more reasonable person.
Before, i would spent hours and hours just to find one pair of jeans that look perfect on me, i would just drop it for a very small thing that i didnt like.

Being here on my own without my family, i have to support myself on everything, i have to pay for my own house, i guess this opened my eyes how you can't expect everything to fall on your direction. There's always something that you cant control, it's not a very nice feeling but that's reality. I have learned to make the most from what you have eventhough it's not perfect.
Being fussy and perfectionist is not bad, because those things drive you to the top and push you to your limit. But being just fussy and perfectionist is not good, they are become a valuable qualities if you can accept the fact that you cant control everything and you are willing to accept the reality that this is what i have and i still can make this work the best i could.

I asked myself couple of time "have i changed to a better person?", and i always convinced myself that i have not changed a bit from 5 yrs ago, since Indra complained about me several times saying ' why cant u change this and that?'.
But this morning after looking for the suit, i realized that somehow i've changed. And i started to remember when my mom brought me to the bridal shop, and i didnt complain about the price or the style, this actually surprised my mom too, because she knows that im fussy. And with the invitation that turned out different colour with what we want, i was upset but then i said "well, there is nothing we can do, it's just invitation, in the end people will throw them away", the old me would senselessly say " scrap them, make a new one". Well, i hope Indra will notice this hehhee...but u know living with someone everyday makes you less sensitive to the changes around understand honey...:)

Aaahhh...time to go back to wine and book....

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Photo II

Finally, after more than 6 months of waiting...they all finished, not in an album but at least in a thumbnails.
I would love to upload them here, but there are more than 30 of them.

So i give this link to view them :

Overall we are so impressed with the photos, we really grateful that we used Antheia for our pre-wedd photoshot.
I cant wait for our D day photos here in Perth... :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

100 Days to go...

I know i know...i should be doing my work right now, but i can't miss this day.
It's 100 days before the Day!!! Ahh..terlalu bersejarah untuk dilewatin begitu aja..hehe..

As far as the wedding preparation goes, we have decided what flowers we want to use, and we have asked some of our friends to help us on the day, we have chosen couple of songs and etc..
Xenia gave me some 'wejangan' about what to do 'after and before', also had the rubella injection, she'll give me some more tips on that..hahah..

I have to say that we are glad we've been living together in one roof for almost 2 yrs, why?, because we have gone through that adjustment phase before we're even married. Now, we already know how to run household without a war involved. Yes, after the wedding, all we have to do is move to one bedroom..that's all.

I heard from some of my friends that the hard part is after the wedding, having to adjust to your partner's habbits, bagi2 tugas suami istri, buang sampah, bayar bill, masak, matiin lampu, cuci baju, potong rumput, cuci mobil, semua2 nya dhe...
We've done the fights and the shoutings long time ago.

So,100 hari lagi...siapa takutt???

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Groom..

Hahaha...tipical cewe mau merit, yg diinget cuman wedding dress, cake, photos...and forget to mention about the groom.
I met my man around 6 years ago, and believe me..i hated him so much that time, he was arrogant and ignorance. I was the new girl at church and no one cares about me, even just to say 'Hi', including him.
He was to busy mingle around with others and didn't look interested in saying 'Hi' to new people.

1 year after that..
I got a boyfriend and we were in the same care group, he was still the same person, still talking to the group except me. But this time, i didnt care, i already have my own friends outside the church and i was very happy with them.

1 year later..
I broke up with my boyfriend, and dia yg ngehibur gw, tetep aje gw gk suka. Dalem hati gw 'ngapain si sok2 berbaik hati, udah sombong ya sombong aja gih'. And we also worked together for the Christmas Celebration, and he really cared for me. I knew that he was up to something but i let him cos deep down inside my heart, i have this angry feeling towards him, sempet kepikiran buat bales dendam juga si hhehe *jahat bgt si gw*.

And now after almost 5 years, we still together, i wonder 'where is that angry feeling i used to have?'. Well, i guess it slowly dissapeared everytime he kissed me, hugged me, or when he put blanket on me when i sleep. Now, he is the man that i love and treasure. God's plan is always perfect and beautiful. His plan turns revenge to care and anger to love.