Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Bridesmaid...

Now we move to the personnel..the bridesmaid, i always wanted only 2 bridesmaids for my wedding..less cost and less trouble hahah..:P. All along i have Tasia and Defy in my mind as my bridesmaid. Let see our stories:

Tasia (Green is her fav colour)
I think it was in 2001, i started CIC, my fist day of college alone and nervous. I went into my very first class..not knowing anyone, langsung cari2 mana bangku kosong yah yg kira2 sebelahnya orang baek. Eh ada satu.

Dengan sedikit lega gw duduk sebelah ce Asia,* yah paling gk ada temen senasib* pikir gw.
Sambil basa basi, gw senyumin tuh ce..and tanya
F: " Hello...whats ur name?"
T: " Anastasia...and u?"
F: " Onesti, where are u from?"
T: " Indonesia"
F: " Sama donkkk...hehehe (Asli legaaa bangettt...). Dari kota mana?"
T: " Dari Jakarta, u?"
F: " Dr Purwokerto.."
T: " HAH??? bonyok gw asal TEGAL loh!!!!" (dengan suara melengking)

After that, we just started to speak in Javanesse...and become inseparable :)
So many weird and funny moments happened whenever im with this girl...*Dr yang kena badai waktu pulang sekolah terus dia dengan hebohnya bergaya2, Demi clubbing kita nyebrang hutan gelap2, Gk pernah belajar yg ada ke Pot Black mulu dimana dia menyodok pantat bule dengan stick pool, de el el*

I love this gurl because she's loud & funny but yet shy, sensitive & emotional yet very forgiving, she is a great singer & artist, and most of all, she witness my ups and downs and yet she always there for me...

My next girl is:

Defy (Blue is her fav colour)
We were partner in crime at Curtin Uni and Depy, we always sit in the same class, same subject, same group, everything!!! For me, Depy is a very mature girl *keibuan Dep*. When we were housemates, she always cook for me and really took care of me.

She's very smart and very reliable yet sometimes she acts weird hahah..*kalo kaget bilangnya...aduh terkejut gw hihihi*. I still remember my time with her in Benness Green house, kalo malem2 dia telp bonyoknya dengan suara keras2 pake bahasa Bangka heuheu...*Dep, nek hopis da?* cuman itu doank yg gw tau hahaha...:P. Gw inget juga penampilan perdana Depy clubbing ke METRO, and we had a little "incident" hehe..

Defy understands me as much as i understand myself, she always gives me advices and encouragement for the past few years. I am a pessimistic person and orang yg gk pe-de an, her encouragements and support have changed me alot over the years.

Those are some of the reasons i chose them as my bridesmaid.
They have been by my side over the years and i believe they will be on "The Day" because that's when i need them the most. I dont have a lot of friends in my life, but thank God i will have my true friends beside me when i walk down the aisle.:)

Thank you Tas for filling up my fun, crazy, hillarious side of life with ur laughter and thank you Defy for filling up my serious, tough, mature side of life with ur encouragements and support.
*Heheh..sorry gw ambil fotonya dr kalian :P*

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Church...

*Phewww..* Finally we got the church!!!, i thought having a ceremony at the church would be easier than having it in a garden or park, but it's not!! We were looking for a church for couple of weeks, and was hard, plus the weird accident that happened in one of the Catholic church in city. Anyway, we tried every possible churches from UCA to COC, UCA doesnt allow us to have the ceremony there because we are not from UCA, the only way to have it there is to use their pastor and do their pre-marital class which we already did 2 yrs ago *speaking of basi*.

The only church left was Wesley Church (UCA), we went there and hope for nothing, but the church's very2 beautiful and perfect, i said to Indra "This is it!!!". We thought "well, if we have to use their pastor then so be it". Indra called them last week and guess what, they actually allow us to have ceremony there!!! with our own pastor!!! Thank God, He granted us the place :).

Not only we got the church, i just found out that the church has a piano...a grand piano!!! so happy...Here's some photos of the church.

Btw, i think i stressed too much about the wedding, i had a couple of bad dreams about my wedding, dari yg meritnya gk siap2 gk ada bunga and gk pake baju wedding sampe mimpi kebaya gw jadinya jelek bgt, sampe nangis dlm tidur hihihi :P.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Dress...

I always thought that i'd got married in white strapless wedding dress, even Tasia drew one for me *still have it Tas*, i like simple and elegant dress. But, recently in Indo, there are so many brides wearing Kebaya Modern for wedding which look very elegant, i started to search the photos and pictures of this kebaya, especially the ones made by Anne Avantie, they are absolutely gorgeous!!! but when you look at the price...speechless.. (see pictures: beberapa contoh kebaya Anne Avantie yg bikin ngiler)

I showed my mom Anne's kebaya and she fell in love with her design, she insisted that i should make one with her *Gmn bisa nolak??*. But i dont want to spend that much money on the dress, so my mom looked for other designer and found out that Anne's daughter is designing kebaya as well, with of course cheaper price than her mom.

So, we went to Semarang, 5 hours with Honda Jazz from Purwokerto. She is very very young and talented, she's younger than me yet looks very mature. She knows exactly what her client wants, and makes it really quick and easy. Me and mom decided to have broken white kebaya, and im not gonna wear batik, i cant explain into details cos i havent seen it yet, im going back this June for the first and last fitting, hopefully it turns out as what i imagined *i will take photos this time*.

By the way, gantungan yg gw maksud di bagian punggung itu mirip seperti ini tas :P ,cuman warna putih, what do you think?

The Place...

The Old Swan Brewery is our first choice...not too big and not too small, the location and the view are just perfect. We went there for my bday dinner before and the food was excellent, the portion is huge and not that expensive. It has beautiful low timber ceiling, round tables, dark timber chairs with dark olive green cushion which made my theme purple and green..heheh..weird combination but beautiful *menurut mbak tasia*. But i absolutely agree with her, i trust her with all the design and colours *oohh..thank God i have her* hehehe..:P.

With the tables, me and Mbak Tasia will cover the white table cloth with either olive green or purple organza table runner, and maybe we could have a purple or olive green bow on the back of each chair. We are still gathering ideas on centrepieces, but we do have some ideas (see pictures) *Tas, bgmn ini centrepieces nya??*, i think purple orchid arrangement would be nice. I'd love to have few little candles on each tables.

Because the function room is L shape, we r gonna use the small area for welcoming drinks and canapes as well as photo gallery. Few small round tables with candles and flowers surrounded by framed photos. *Aduh ngantuk deh...besok sambung lg dhe..*

Lanjutan...*gile nganggur abis di kantor*..The music, jazz is my only choice, i love jazz, my whole family love jazz, jazz is a must in my family. We want to have a warm, intimate and jazzy wedding reception, so my sister gonna sing for the entire reception plus her musician friends from WAAPA with electric piano,upright bass (yuhuu..) and snare drum, hopefully they can make it. Im thinking songs like It Had To Be You, Funny Valentine, That's All, Girl From Ipanema, Sentimental Reason, Just The Two of Us, and the list goes on...*Tasiaa...jadi inget musti list lagu2!!*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Photo..

Maybe i can start with the prewedding photos, it was taken in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bandung) 2 days straight (soo tiring and soo much fun), we used Antheia Photography, Rey the photographer is really2 good. All photographers are good in their own way, it really depends on your style and preference, for us, Antheia is the one who really represents our style the most. Not too much photoshop and natural.

The photographer plays quite important role as well during photo session. Can u imagine u have to spend every minute with cranky photographer? well,unfortunately some of them are like that, especially with well-known photographers. Lucky for us, he was very friendly and funny, yup...funny...very funny in fact..he made us laugh all the time, made us feel good about ourself and in the end, we had a really good photo session time and good results.

And...we really2 happy and satisfied with the result, here is one of them.
This picture was taken at Kawah Putih around 4pm, that fog was real!! and it was damn cold, just like winter in Perth. I can assure you that he didnt do much editing here, cos my bf's brother took this picture as well with his digital camera, and it looks very similar to this without editing.
We drove from Jakarta to Bandung in one car (7 people inside with loads of bags), we litterally couldn't move, just sit there in ur own spot, but we still managed to laugh all the way.
I will upload the rest of the photos later.
*I would like to thank Kikis and Lia for helping us through out the photo session, they've been a really BIG help, Kikis for tirelessly driving the car and Lia for tirelessly carrying around my dresses and shoes...hehehehe :P*

At the beginning...

This is officially my very first blog, created during office hour and boredom. Getting married in 215 days, and i thought "hmm..this is gonna be once in a lifetime moment, i should record every details and preparations from 215 days before to after the 'The Day'".