Thursday, June 26, 2008


I wanna go home...there is nothing here for me.
I need unconditional love. Love that doesnt count. Love that comes out from inside not from request.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Me, my mom and my sister. Do we look similar?
So sad that my mom is going back to Indo this afternoon but i enjoyed her short visit a lot!! I hope she's coming back here soon...I'm going to miss u....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I made this bag especially for Ka Ira who has been very nice to us :).
She is truly a super woman, helping church the whole day, cook for her family at night and always ready to cook for church when we have special event.

She has been a huge blessing for us, she always remember me and Indra whenever she cook and we always always get free food!! :P. She also help us in a lot of things. I regard her as my Aussie mum, not because of her age of course, but because of her love and care for me. My mom lives far far away from me, but i thank God for Ka Ira's presence in our lives, i won't be able to write down everything she has done for me, but trust me, she has done A LOT!!!

I know she loves pink and red very much, so i only hope that she likes this bag :).

Thursday, June 5, 2008


You may believe it or not, but when i took the spiritual gift test, i had several result and one of them is serving. I serve God and church for several years in several ways, like ushering, singing and currently as a treasurer. But somehow i dont get the fulfilment of serving, i thought 'what am i missing?', i suppose to feel happy and joy when i serve, since one of my gift is serving.

Then i realised my serving gift is not in term of serving church in anyway possible, but more specific. I'd love to do community service like opening a soup kitchen, distributing a free clothing to the needy, helping the elderly do their groceries, or delivering meals to their homes, you know..those kind of things.

Currently, our church doesnt have the capacity or the man power to do these things, I would love to see this happening in 5 years, for me being a blessing to other people is not merely giving them theory about Christianity, stuff them up with the word of God, they need something that is applicable for them, something that relevant to their needs. We have to be able to see what their needs, and i think in today's world, LOVE is the one they seek. Acceptance and understanding to their limitation, even just being there for them at the right time is something powerful.

People sometimes make it too complicated on how to reach others, they set a top strategy and provides various facilities to attract them, until they lost the core and basic value of human's need, which is LOVE. It's not hard to provide LOVE for others, they dont need our facilities and strategies, all they need is for us to be there for them and LOVE them.

It's time to put Christianity value into action not theory only.

Well, that's just my little thought, hope there are some people out there that have the same thought and passion as me. I've been blessed abundantly and it's time to pass my blessing to others :)

Monday, June 2, 2008


Remember my red cushion that i made couple of months before?
I still have that fabric and last night i made another shoulder bag with that fabric.
Less than half an hour after i finished the bag, my friend came and she likes it and reserved it straight away :).
So before this bag is gone, i took some pictures, here they are:

Oh and also, good news from the long weekend, we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!'s not a new house but it's very well maintained. We are planning to rent this out as an investment...a lot of work to be done but we are so GRATEFUL to God for this house. He has taken us a loooonnggg wayyyyy...:). Here the photo of the house: