Monday, April 28, 2008


Gosh, i just had a good laugh.
The highlight of the day.

I was such in a bad mood from last nite because one thing and another.
All i wanted just to go home and relax, no spirit and energy left for work.

But then, me and a good friend of mine whom i talked to everyday chatted in a pretty serious matter which ended up in a FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY imagination. I know we should take this matter seriously but OMG i dont how we ended up there hahahha.
I laughed so hard and the phone suddenly rang and i picked up the phone with my last giggle, the caller fortunately from Indonesia, and he giggled as well hahaha...thank God it wasn't my boss :P

O well, at least i have something to laugh at...and yes im still laughing whenever i remember it.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had my 25th bday on Friday, it was great!! i took leave on friday and met Lisyen and Agus in City and we had dinner with friends at Thai Garden.
Special gifts from special people:

1. BOSTON LEGAL Season 3 from friends (u guys know me by heart!! :P)

2. Sewing Book from my sister (a really good book, im so excited!!!)
You can see my picture riding Becak in Pwt with t-shirt belel and short sitting like a preman :P.

3. Surprise bday cake (from Tasia D)
This cake is yummy, if anyone want to order cake, you can msg her here:

Thanks all for the bday wishes and gifts, so blessed to have you guys :)(Thanks to Tasia, Lisa, Chris, Wayne, San2, Ka Ira, Emon, Ferry, Ein, LIsyen, Agus, Adel )
Special thanks to my husband for everything you've done for me...muach!


Another one ordered by Irene M:

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Another purse i made :). This time i tried to make pleated purse which was not as easy as i thought or maybe i just did it the wrong way. Well it's not too bad, is it? :P
I put a little flower pin to make it pretty.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This purse reminds me of Vitacimin in Indo and yellow :P

Sunday, April 6, 2008


On Sunday, my husbad was leading at the church when he shared his short testimony of our lives. As i was listening, i realized that we have been focusing to the wrong thing.

As you know, my husband is starting a business, so that he can quit from the current job. We prayed ernestly to God about this business, and we put everything unto God's hands.

My husband started to spent most of his time in front of computer and looking for clients. We didn't have quality time anymore, i was frustrated and tired. He would come home from his work around 5 and go to his work room straight away, and finished around 1 or 2am. We hardly have time to sit down and talk.
Eventhough i was tired, i thought it's fine as long as he does something to make the business works.

But eventhough he tried so hard, finding a client was really hard. Somehow his effort producing nothing. We grew even more frustrated, and we got to the point where we blame GOD for everything.

Not long after that, my husband suddenly realised that we've been doing the wrong thing. Yes, we focused more on how can this business work, how to find clients, money, etc. We didnt even have time to pray together anymore. From then on, we made a list of what we want to achieve this year, and we pray together every night. Not only we pray, but we also tried to change our attitude. Instead of worrying and focusing on the business, we do what we should do, pray and be grateful for everything He has done, and leave the rest to God.

Things started to change, our lives getting better, we always reserve a quality time, he is not to stressed about work, etc. And eventually, jobs and clients came to our way, jobs and clients that we never expected before, bigger and better!

So, we thank U God for teaching us a lesson, for Your constant care and love for us. Despite of our sins and weakness, You still there watching and holding us.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

BUTTON PURSE (Reserved by Liza)

On Saturday night, i made another purse, this time using some buttons that i bought.
When it was 50% done, Liza came and asked me to make her a purse, so i showed her this one. She liked it and she reserved it straight away.
So here it is:


Yeay!!! They are done!!
Remember i told you that on the weekend i'd try to create extra cushions for my lounge room?
Well, here they are, my achievement of the day:

Anyone want to order? :D

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I bought these buttons from Spotlight last nite.
They sell these in a bag and one colour in a bag, but i found this one with 'Shabby Chic' tag.
The buttons are in mix pastel chic colours, they are gorgeous!!! And the other good thing is they are all different, some of them are very vintage and classic!

When me and my sister played around with them, we made Australia shape from these buttons. Ooohh...we are so AUSTRALIAN!

SPOTLIGHT is Friday!!!

I LOVE weekend *who doesn't?*!!
Last nite was late nite shopping where all shops open until 9pm. Since my husband bought me the sewing machine, i've been spending my free time either in front of the sewing machine or at Spotlight. So i went to Spotlight last nite, and spend 1.5 hours there, browsing through fabrics and accesories, gathering all ideas and plans.

I found this fabric with cream/beige background and red floral pattern. I was thinking of making 2 extra cushions for my living room couch. Let see what happen with this plan hahahah..:P

Why red?? See, my house was dominated by brown timber colour furniture and i love it, except for a round couch that we bought at Freedom couple of years ago. It's in the centre of our living room and it's red!
It looks unbalance for so long but i didnt have the gut to try something, but then i decided to put another red here and there to make it balance and to my surprise, they look good together (see my previous post 'Red Loves Brown'). Since then, i've been looking for red accessories and decorative for my house.

Im so excited, at least i have one more project for this weekend and i cant wait to go home and sit in front of my sewing machine :D

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Another one from my sewing machine :D