Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So In Love

Has anyone of you seen 'De-Lovely' movie? played by Ashley Judd?
It's a story about Cole & Linda Porter. Cole Porter was a famous jazz composer & songwriter, he wrote songs such as: "Night and Day", "I got a Kick out of you", 'You've got me under my skin", etc...

The movie is about his carreer and marriage to Linda, a loyal and devoted wife even when she found out that Cole was gay. She stood up besides him and loved him with all her heart. She stayed with him until she died.
On the movie, when she was sick and dying, Cole wrote a song for her. My heart moves everytime i hear this song, even when i just read the lyrics. Sometimes i got tears in my eyes... :P.

Here is the song:

So In Love

Strange dear, but true dear
When I'm close to you, dear
The stars fill the sky
So in love with you am I
Even without you
My arms fold about you
You know darling why
So in love with you am I

In love with the night mysterious
The night when you first were there
In love with my joy delirious,
When I knew that you could care

So taunt me, and hurt me
Deceive me, desert meI'm yours, till I die
So in love, so in love
So in love with you, my love, am I

Monday, February 25, 2008

Low Point

I feel that im in the low point right now.
Not knowing what to do. Don't really like my job now, but this the only thing i can do.
The work environment is great, nice boss and colleagues, generous pay, but i still dont enjoy it.
Having to sit all day in front of computer, dealing with numbers all the time *sigh*!

I feel that my marriage is plain and empty, he does his own things everyday till late.
See him in the morning, before i got to work, sometimes he's still sleeping and when i got home, he's already in his office doing other work until around 1am sometimes 2am. I really dont mind if his business produces something, but so far it's like beating thin air.

I got very lonely sometimes, and i was hoping that i could turn to my parents for consolation. But everytime i call them , either they're busy or just not at home. I really hope that they're the one who call me, they never ever call me here, except for emergency! I know it's more expensive to make a call from Indo, but hey, they earn a LOT more in a day, 5 minutes call won't hurt!

That's my life, not to mention the condition at home which is not very 'pleasant'. Some of you know what im talking about. I feel stress at work but reluctant to go home.

So what i do in my spare time? trying to get my mind out of it, i took a short course on interior design, it's only 5 weeks course, but at least i got something to do which in line with my hobby.
On Monday, reach home about 5, then the class starts at 6, finishes at 9.
Thinking of taking a part time job on saturday and sunday, it's not about the money, but more to shifting my mind from those problems.

Oh goshh...i feel so lonely, sad, dissapointed, tired, exhausted, etc.
Some friends are going back for good this year, maybe i should too..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny Valentine...yes it is funny!!!

Somehow, i hate Valentine....

For me, it has no meaning at all. You dont need Valentine to show your love and affection, you can do it everyday.
I told Indra yesterday "Dont give me flowers and dont take me to dinner on Valentine!"

1. I dont like flowers, i dont know what to do with them. I cant take care of flowers and they will die anyway. Dinner, over the time, it becomes just a formality on Valentine. It's like you have to take your girl to dinner on Valentine, it's a must!!. Well, for some people, they do enjoy the dinner which is a really good thing. But for me, i cant even enjoy the dinner itself, we dont talk about sweet and romantic things but instead talk about work problem, stress, mortgage, etc which bring more missery on that day!! and's a waste of money!!

2. For me personally, everytime Valentine is approaching, it gives me pressure to think about what should i give to him, or what surprises should i prepare for him and deep down inside your heart, you're expecting the same from your partner.
And what happen if your partner doesn't prepare surprises or doesn't give you flower? Yeap..that's hurts!

That's why i scrapped the idea of Valentine. It brings me too much anger and hatred over the years.

But hey, i decided to make a Valentine card for Indra, that's the best i could do.
I made this card while he was watching movie, for a surprise of course.
But in the end, i gave it to him last night, i didnt want to make it surprise because of the above reason.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Honeymoon

I am back at the office and it has been 2 months since last time i blogged. I know i suppose to update the blog with the honeymoon story, but i had to catch up with the pilling work plus the flu that i got from Indo.
Now, everything starts to go back to normal, i ll try to my best to write down the honeymoon story. Oh,'s Chinese New Year today!!! Gong Xi Fat Choi!!!

After we had our second wedding in Indo, we went to Jakarta and stayed for 2 days before we leaving for Singapore. We arrived in Singapore around 7 or 8pm and we were too tired to walk around and shopping so we just had our quick dinner near the hotel. The schedule was to meet the group at the airport at 5 in the morning, we arrived there and we knew no one. But i saw some young couples and i thought they must be in the same group. The check in and everything went ok, there were 24 people in our group and all of them were in the same age group with us.

We left Singapore for Doha where we suppose to transit for 3 hours. Doha Airport is small!!! even smaller than Perth Airport. It turned our that the plane was delayed for another 3 hours. And the worst thing was they dont have money changer there, but they won't accept other currency, except for duty free shopping. Luckily, all delayed passenger were given free lunch coupon.

At that time, we did not talk to other group members, so we just hang around ourselves at the Airport.

We arrived in Rome at night around 10pm, and the tourguide greeted us there. His name is Dennis, and how lucky we were to have him, he is such a nice and funny guy!!!

Im not gonna talk in details, otherwise it's gonna take a loooooonnnggg time to finish. :P

Basically we went to Italy and Switzerland. St. Peter's Basillica was AWESOME!!! i couldnt stop staring at the ceiling, how can they build something like this hundreds years ago??. We went to Rome, Venice (yes...Gondola ride), Florence, Pisa (yes...leaning tower), Milan (yes..boutiqes),Tuscan, etc.

After couple of days in Italy, we headed to Switzerland. The 2 countries located next to each other, but there are so many differences between them.

In Italy, the people are like in Indo. You have to pay for public toilet, so many thief on the streets, the customer service is not good, the road and traffic are messy (it's very very hard and scary to cross the street in Italy).They said, if you want to cross the street, just go and dont look left or right!, but the food was goooodddd. When we crossed the border to Switzerland, the scenery changed! all were covered by snow, white and cold. The people mostly speak German. And they are very good in customer service and very helpful just like Australian. And the food...not soo good. I remember one night in Switzerland, the dinner was arranged by the tour and it was Fondue dinner, all i can imagine was hot chocolate melted with strawberry and marshmallow, i was so excited especially in that weather!

The dinner turned out to be...Fondue dinner still, but....
Entree: Cheese Fondue
Melted cheese eaten with bread!!! It looked OK at first, but when i tasted it, they used 3 different cheeses together, and they are the smelly cheeses. Very strong cheese, it tasted bitter! Yucks!

Main: Meat Fondue
It's similar with steamboat but not as good. At least with steamboat, you have veggie, noodle, meatballs, etc. This time, it was only meat, they didn't put any sauce in the soup, so it tasteless.

Dessert: Chocolate Fondue
Just a normal Chocolate fondue with some fruits, the chocolate was ok not so special. Especially after those horrible cheese and meat fondue!!

The scenery in Switzerland is breathtaking!!! It's like you looking at painting or calendar! Unbelievable!!
We also went to Mt. Titlis, the snowy mountain and ate ice cream at mountain top :P.
Other place in Switzerland: Lugano (the famous Foxtown FO), Interlaken, Zurich, Bern, etc.

We were so thankful that we had this opportunity. We dont have that much money, yet God gave us this perfect wedding gift combo hahahaha :P. Indra told me that before we left, he prayed that the tour would be fun and enjoyable, good tour leader and friendly tour member. After few days in Italy, we just found out that 8 from 24 members were Indonesian!! We helped each other taking pictures and even share sambal cap jempol that i brought from Indo :). The other Singaporean members were also very nice, we laughed and chatted all the way. One night, we talked to this Singaporean couple whom turned out to be our brother and sister in Christ, how exciting!!! We shared our testimonies of how great our GOD is.

One funny thing happenned, everyday we had breakfast from the hotel. No matter where the hotel was, the breakfast was still Continental breakfast (scramble egg, bacon, bread, butter, cereal, etc). We had that EVERYDAY for 11 days!! Indra told me that he had 'bisul' (somekind of ulcer)because he ate too much egg hahaha, i got to the point where i couldnt eat anymore continental breakfast, so i bought the most expensive cup noodle ever, it was 4 Euro each which equals to around 6 AUD.

On the way back to Singapore, we had to transit in Doha again for 6 hours, but this time was much better. We have known each other, so we shared our stories, helped others keep an eye on our bags, and those 6 hours felt like 2.

Wow, what a journey!!!
I will upload the pictures later, since im still at the office now (oooppss...:P)