Thursday, September 27, 2007

TGIF!!!.....and long weekend!!!!

Yeayyyy!!!! It's Friday!!! and long weekend!!! can't be happier :P.
I dont have the mood for work now, all i can think of is the long weekend. Well i won't go anywehere this weekend, but Kikis and Lia are coming and im so excited!! Yes i know i have to clean the house first, prepare the bed and foods, but that's ok..they are my troops for the wedding preparation hehehe :P. *Dont worry Kis, i will have a lot of food at home*.

This morning, my mobile rang and it was Ka Ira, she called me just to say that she is impressed with my blog, apparently our men are the same hahaha :P. It's good to know that my blog make others laugh. *Ka, you should create one, ur hubby would be impressed*.

Update on the candle holders?? finally Spotlight called yesterday and they have the candle holders at their Jondaloop store and they will deliver them to my house free of charge!!! Yeay!!
I always like Spotlight, they have various household things with good price. I can stay there for hours without buying anything hahaha...But to be honest, they are not good with orders. I remember 2 years ago when we bought the current house, we decided to put on the blinds ourselves. We ordered venetian blinds from them and it took them ages and agesss, we lived in an aquarium for i dont know how many weeks. We decided to cancel the order.
So, if any of you wants to order something from Spotlight, just be careful.

Ooohh...we totally forgot about the NOIM (Notice of Intention of Marriage) that we have to lodge. It has to be lodged a month before the wedding day. And it was Pastor D who asked me 2 days ago about the NOIM (and it was already less than a month), and i was shocked!!!. Luckily Pator Iwan agreed to backdate the document to a month before hehehe :P *Phewww*

Long cominggg!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

26th Sept 07

Woohoo....i feel fresh today!! why?? becauce i slept for 12 hours last nite, it's true (what a pig). Yesterday i wasn't feeling well at work, i felt stressed and tired. I slept right away after dinner. We haven't finalised everything. There are so many thing to do:

- Finalise the timeline
- Food tasting
- Need to check the church again
- Finalise this and that..
- Need to write a vow
- Need to at least once, practice the wedding waltz.
- Etc

And on top of that, Spotlight lost my order on the candle holders :(.
I ordered in August and i went there again early Sept to check, they were not ready, but i saw my order.
Few days ago, i called Spotlight and they said they lost the order...*sigh*
I told them that i need the candle holders for my wedding next month, and i dont care how you get that, i just want them to be ready before my wedding.

Next monday, Indra's brother and his girlfriend are coming here :).
They will stay at our house, i dont where they gonna sleep hahaha...but i think it's good to have more people around especially in time like this where you need emotional support and help.

And ohh...i had dinner at new Indo restaurant in Northbridge, called "Tasik". Oh was greattt!!! It is a little bit more expensive compare to Bintang or Manise or Sedap, but i guess it's normal since the location is in Northbridge. And the food, oohh...i thought the food would be like Sundanesse food with lalapan and sambel, but it actually similar like other Indo Restaurant (I guess Kemangi is hard to find here). I had "Oseng udang with paprica" and "Sambel goreng ikan teri". We couldn't finish the food, i think 2 dishes are enough for 3 people, so it's a very descent size for the that price.

On the way back, i was thinking how blessed we are. I didnt think that i would be in this position 5 years ago, to be able to eat whatever i want, to be able to give and bless others, just to live and have more than we asked for. God, thank you so much for the blessing, i wouldnt make it this far without Your help and grace. I know im nothing without You.

Got to go back to work... :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A month to go...

Today is the 20th of September, exactly 30 days from the Day.

In 30 days....i will be someone's wife.
In 30 days....i will spend the rest of my life with him.
In 30 days....i will vow to be by his side no matter what.
In 30 days....i will be mrs instead of miss.
In 30 days....i will have a new and greater responsibility.
In 30 days....i will no longer dependant to my parents.
In 30 days....i will enter a new stage full of compromise and tolerance.

Invitations have been distributed, no turning back!!!

I'm happy with the way everything goes, all my friends helped me with the preparation and now we just need to finalise things.

One thing that makes me a bit sad is i've never had a chance to be close to my parents.

During the high school life, as a normal teenager, i hung out more with my friends rather than stay at home and spending time with my parents. My days were filled with me fighting with my dad. It was cool to rebel back then.

When i almost finish my high school year, i moved to Perth by myself. Life was so full with new challenges and excitements. Due to the expensive living in Australia, i only went back to Indo once a year and rarely called home. I was getting used by living alone without my parents.

Finishing Uni, i went straight to work. It made more difficult for me to go home, i had to save the annual leave and money. My parents work hard in Indo, they only came here for my graduation.
I remember asking my parents when will they visit me, they said 'Finish your uni first and then we'll come for the graduation'. Finally they came and i remember when my dad said he was very proud of me because i didnt live comfy life here, very tight with money, yet i can finish my study on time and got job straight even before the graduation ceremony. He said eventhough he is not rich in money but he is rich with proud.

Now that im going to get married, i called home very often and made me even closer to them. It's sad isn't it? you are closer to someone when you know you are going to let her go to a man.
I wish i can rewind the time a little bit so i can spend more time with them as their daughter not as someone's wife.

If you are not married yet, use your time wisely, be close to your parents, so there will be no regret.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Special Someone

Sometimes when you have someone close, someone who lives with you everyday and always there anytime, you tend to take him or her for granted.

As you know, I've been living together with Indra almost 3 years. To tell you the truth, sometimes that butterfly feeling in your stomach disappears. I feel like he is my brother instead of my lover. I've seen his ugliest looking face in the morning, and vice versa.

Sometimes i forgot how to respect him as my partner, i would do whatever i want without considering his feeling. I would yell at him for something unnecessary. I would hurt his feeling with my sharp words. And i didn't care, because i thought ' Hey, i can live without you, I'm independent'.

But when i think about living without him, i think i would be useless.
I practically asked him about everything!!! and he is the one who teach me this and that.
He is the one who pick up my sister from school, he is the one who pay the bills, he is the one who wash the car, sometimes he cooks for me, he washes laundry, he mows the lawn.
He takes care of my sister as if his own sister.

OMG!! I can't live without him!!

*Indra, i love you more everyday, can't thank God enough for your presence in my life. Im truly blessed to have someone who always loves me, respects me, trusts me and be proud of me of who i am*

Sunday, September 2, 2007

44 Days

Today is the 6th Sept 07, which means 44 days left to the wedding day.

So excited and nervous.

On Sunday nite, me and Tasia worked on the time schedule for the day, sounds easy before started, but then a lot of small things came up along the way and we changed the times so many times. Well, but at least we started with something.

The invitation, gifts and photos are here, need to pick them up at the airport.

Me and Indra are having a new challenge and opportunity. It is a big challenge.
We'll see how it goes, hopefully this is what God has planned for us. Will share if everything goes smoothly.

My mom said the rings are ready, she said they are very good (im not sure what she meant, cos i remember i chose a very simple design), can't wait to see them.

With the box, i have managed to make 100 of them, so tiring...i make them every night.
Will upload the photos soon.

Gotta go back to work, im alone in the office, work pilling up.