Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Monday, August 25, 2008


Amelia Ong is my sister and last week she took an audition in one of radio station. The winner gets to sing with Stevie Wonder at his upcoming concert.

There are 45 contestant, and we need more supporter to vote for her :)

Im not sure whether i have a lot of reader on my blog, but harm in trying.

If you managed to read my blog, please spend 30 seconds to vote here:

Here is the link to the audition video:
Your supports are greatly appreciated!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Last nite i tried to shoot some photos for Indra's client.

Her product range from gift, note book, invitation, etc. The note book is handmade! Yes, handmade! Gorgeous aren't they?? Check out her website:

Indra said that she likes the photos that i took, so she decided to use our service to re-shoot all her product, how exciting!!!

Here some photos (raw image, no photoshop whatsoever):

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yes, this posting is by request :)
My dear friend Melissa asked me yesterday to update my blog hahaha... i've been quite busy for sometimes. But today, i dedicated this supposedly work hours to update my blog.

I know my blog contains random things, from wedding to sewing. But im glad if people get something from it. From the first time i created this blog, several people ended up in my blog when they searched for 'kebaya' online. They asked me information about kebaya and where they can get it. It really means something for me, to be able to give those information and ideas.

Most of them were looking for Anne Avantie kebaya as she is well known overseas too. Too bad that she doesnt have her own website, so the most we can get is her kebaya pictures on the internet but no contact or address whatsoever. Since i mentioned about Anne Avantie on my blog, maybe this is why they landed on my blog.

Anne Avantie's kebaya is beyond words!! gorgeous and delicate!! but of course, you have to pay the price for that :). That's why most of the time, i introduce them to Intan Avantie, Anne's daughter. Same quality with more affordable price.

Lately i found more great kebaya designers in Indonesia.
One of them is Djoko Sasongko from Surabaya and the other is Lenny Agustin from Jakarta.
Djoko has a website:
I am so proud of them, how they can re-create a boring, old, single colour kebaya to modern, elegant, and sexy kebaya by combining various fabrics and colours. I wish i have their talents! :P

I texted Intan and told her, several people from overseas are interested at her kebaya, she was so excited!

My dream is to wear Anne's kebaya one day :p

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Yup, that's right!! that's us in the middle. Me, Jess and Feli on James Morrison concert.

The concert was awesome, it was all worth it!! every cents!! They have been playing in Perth every year, but it always for the schools and never open for public. This is the first time they perform for public and one night only. The seats were full that night, no one want to miss this!

It was very interactive and entertaining. The music was really really good, i give them 10/10. We sat at the very front row, close to the speaker but it was still amazing!! Especially if you like jazz and big band music, i've never seen a real big band playing in front of my eyes complete with James Morrison and singers (including my sister). It's like a dream seeing them playing live in front of you, that close!

During the night, they presented scholarships to some of the player, and man...they are GOOD!!!
James Morrison also played with his tour band, they played this really fast song "On The Edge". You can really see the skill of those players, when they played their instruments with that difficult music notes in such a fast tempo. They also played the soundtrack of 'Flinstone' with big band and James Morrison asked the audience to shout "Wilmaaa..." in the middle of the song!! :)
And seeing your sister singing with the band was just incredible, we are so PROUD of her!

Hope they will play again next year, and sure i will not miss it!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Had a long day yesterday.

Came back from work then off to church, doing the yearly budget with Mark and Liza until 9.30pm.
Then headed back to my favourite couch with my kuwaci, sitting between Meli and Indra.
For some reason, Meli kept asking me to take a shower and Indra kept asking me to change clothes. I didn't move, i was enjoying my kuwaci, no one can move me!

Then at 11.30pm, i took a shower and there my PJ laying on the bed. When i took my PJ from the bed, something was there, hidden under my shirt. And this is what i found:

No wonder Meli and Indra kept asking me to go to my room and hoping i would change my clothes and find this! Hehehehe, thanks Ndra and Mel!!! I soo love you guys!!

I've been thinking about this perfume for some time, but i didn't have the courage to buy it, since we have other things to pay. I was so surprised last night, i really didn't think that they would buy this for me! i can smell Chloe everywhere....