Sunday, October 26, 2008

25102008 HARRY

Last saturday, we had a photo session with Bea, Jim and Harry.
The focus was Harry, capturing his candid moments, and sure it was not easy.:P
He is very active and was soo hard to get his still image. But it was fun and turned out really good. We brought Meli along to help us with Harry hehehe...i can handle little baby and pre wedding, but not toddler! :P

Thursday, October 23, 2008


241008 by PangTama

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


20th of October was our 1st wedding anniversary. I cant believe a year has passed, time does flies. I still remember when i started this blog, it was called 'Tying-D-Knot" and created purposely to record all the wedding preparations.

So many things have happened during this 1 year, all sad and happy moments, all the fights and hugs. We thought after living under one roof for 2 years before marriage will make it easier, but it's not. We had a lot of things to adjust and compromise, and i believe we still are right now and in future. But i guess that's what brought us even closer right? these things taught us how to react and respond with love to one another.

I cant say that it will be a smooth journey ahead, but we are getting stronger and better from when we said 'i do'. As long as we have each other's hand, i reckon we will do alright.

Here some photos from our short break to Yallingup:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Another wedding held on the 4th October at Bluewater Grill, it was my dear friends, Melisa and Austin's.
It was a simple lunch but very enjoyable and special :). Especially when Melisa cried during the reading of the vow. I also made special table runners for her, with blue vintage floral theme. I love love love Melisa's dress, it was very classic, a dress from the 50's or 60's complete with white hat and net, not to mention her shoes, she got them from FAR FAR AWAY in Milan. Here some photos again taken by 8round :

Melisa will have the ceremony and reception in Bali with "Vintage Affair" theme, so sad i won't be able to come :(. But im sure her wedding will be fabulous & gorgeous!!
Again, congratulations from me and Indra, we wish you a wonderful and blessed journey together.


On 27th September, Rico and Mady had their wedding held at Belvoir Homestead up in Swan Valley. It was a great wedding, the weather, the venue, the food, all perfect.
I love Mady's hair-do, it suits her really well. Here some photos taken by 8round:

They are made for each other, arent they? We wishing you guys a very blessed and happy marriage :)