Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo 4 Life

It's been a long time since i last posted an entry, i miss writing a blog even though i'm not really good at it :P.
Sometimes you have a lot to tell, but your body and mind is just exhausted, you don't know how to start writing and that's what happened to me most of the time.

Today is a public holiday, so i have time to clean the house and update my blog. I was thinking for a while what should i write, then i noticed that few people started their own photography business and they usually either in a team or they at least have a partner to help with their work. I feel bad that i can't help much with Indra's photography business, i wish that i have the time, energy and ideas of course to do some of his work. He is doing everything on his own while still working full time as an IT Manager, from marketing, pricing, shooting, album making etc. I am so proud of him and his works, i think his photos are original and beautiful. I always encourage him to create his own style not following others, and so far he's been doing it so well.

So, this is the very least that i can do for him, i might not have a lot of reader, but who knows... :)
Again, i would like to post some his latest works. If you are looking for a wedding, engagement, family, baby or even product photographer, please check his blog and website. Feel free to email us and we will try our best to tailor package that suits your budget :).

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Moments said...

I love you very much honey! and i'm so proud of you too. i'm won't be who i am right now without you in my life. luv u.