Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a...BOY!

Yes, it's a BOY!

We are expecting another boy due in September :)
It's been a roller coaster ride since i found out that i was pregnant again. Happy, relieved, anxious, excited, worry and everything else. I got so worried every time i got doctor or ultrasound appointment, nervous attacks days before the appointment.
Walking to the same room, meeting the same people make it harder, it's like repeating your worst nightmare. Your bad memories come flashing before you.

There were so many times i woke up in the middle of the night due to nightmares :(
I remember when we went for ultrasound at 15 weeks to check whether the baby has kidney, it was nerve wracking!!
I could feel the heavy burden lifted up from my shoulders when the doctor said that both kidneys are there plus the amniotic fluid was at the right amount.

This afternoon we had the 19 weeks scan, i was very anxious as usual. I was scared that my happiness will ended really soon just like last time. But God gave us good news instead. Everything was great, we checked the fingers, heart, lips, ears, and of course the gender, and yep it's a BOY! We saw his face as well in 3D, he's such a shy baby, he kept covering his face with his hands. We even nudged him couple of times to get him move but his hands are still there :) :). He's so beautiful.

The next step is finding the name, which i think it's harder than finding girl's name. And i can finish my quilt now, i started making baby quilt few months ago, but have not finished it because the colour of the binding depends on the gender :)

We thank God for this second chance, we know that He has prepared the best plan ahead of us, someday, we will be able to look back and see that His plan is perfect and beautiful.

*Baby have a little brother, i love u always :)*


Daniel Indradjaja said...

Nice entry Fang... just beautiful. Thank u for sharing. :-)

pingkan said...

congratulations for u n ur hubby:)