Monday, January 17, 2011


My good friend delivered her baby girl on boxing day, she is a miracle baby! my friend and i have gone through similar situation in our lives and im truly happy for her that she finally got to hold baby Chloe in her arms :)

Before Chloe was born, i always wanted to make a baby quilt for her, just like the one i made for Olie. But after Olie was born, i didnt have time to do my routines let alone making blanket. But Chloe is so special, i forced myself to start the quilt. It took 2-3 weeks for the fabric to arrived and i booked one day to finish the quilt. I begged Indra to look after Oli that day :)
I always had yellow and purple in my mind, but i couldnt find the purple so i ended up making yellow-pink combination quilt.

Here you go:


oni... said...

That is one good looking quilt!!
i've been reading your blog every now and then, and your skill is amazing!!!!

congrats on baby Olie too.. :)
bit late i know.. :P

PangTama said...

Thank you for your nice comment :)
I didnt know that someone out there is still reading this blog *u really made my day* :P

Lisyen said...

This is the sweetest gift Chloe (and I) have ever received.. Thanks for that Fang, it means a LOT.. :)
And yes, to think back of what we went through, it really is a miracle to see you carrying that super cute baby of yours around, and me whining about why she's crying all the time.. Nevertheless, I'm blessed I have her, and I'm blessed I have you :)

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